Super Lemon Haze.jpg

Super Lemon Haze

(Super Silver Haze x Lemon Skunk) 

A two-time Cannabis Cup Winner from Greenhouse Seeds, Super Lemon Haze has arguably become a future classic, and this cultivar does not disappoint.  For those chasing the often elusive CBG for its myriad benefits, this strain has tested at upwards of 3%, in addition to having small amounts of CBD and THCV to boot.  The nose is sweet and lemony with a smooth, earthy taste. The high is perfectly balanced between head and body without the typical buzz that typically accompanies haze-based strains.

Mostly Sativa (Greenhouse Seeds) 20-23% THC

This is a strain for fans of the old school.  A Super Silver Haze mother meets Sour Diesel for a truly epic creation of no nonsense weed.   Smoking Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze is like getting into a psychedelic elevator.  Expect a soaring rush laced with confusion and bewilderment. This is a potent strain and may not be the best choice for novice users.

Sativa Dominant 26-30 % THC