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Beginning in earnest in July of 2016, the roots of Craft Cannabis go back about 10 years earlier, where both founders began as caregivers in the nascent medical marijuana industry.  It was here that Stephen Lucht and Conor Adams developed their deep respect for the plant and got their first taste of the myriad benefits that the plant provides us.  Even after all these years, they still take great pride in the end user enjoying the fruits of their labors.  Stephen began the process of popping seeds and hunting for genetics early on, leading to a lot of the unique and robust strains being grown at Craft Cannabis, a process which is still a core principal driving us forward.  While new strains come and go at a heightened pace as the industry evolves, at Craft Cannabis you will always find a strong tie back to the natural landrace genetics of the world, which have evolved over thousands of years to be in harmony with their environment and the people they share it with.

All of our cannabis is grown with meticulous care in locally sourced coconut coir, with minimal salts, natural pest prevention, and actively aerated compost teas.  Our plants are harvested at peak ripeness, dried whole, and slow cured in glass jars.  We tailor our feed schedules to the needs of the particular strains and are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency as well as improve the symbiotic nature of our growing environment.


With a focus on sustainability and naturally grown cannabis, we believe that there is still a lot of room to educate the consumer in a growing marketplace.  Although we weren't first to the recreational market, we believe that our dedication to quality, and our passion and respect for the cannabis plant will allow us to thrive in Colorado's competitive recreational market.  We look forward to partnering with other like minded business and connecting with conscious cannabis users in the years to come.




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